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Jost Christoph am 09. August 2017, 01:28 Uhr
aus Zürich
Obwohl Rodger Hodgson schon lange mit der gleichen Band spielt, findet man zwar Bilder aber keine Namen zu den Bandmitglieder, die allesamt fantastische Musiker sind.
Gibt es dazu gute Gründe?
Kalle am 06. August 2017, 16:11 Uhr
aus Suhl
War gestern bei http://www.liederamsee.de/

Hatte ein erstes Date dort....
Hat uns tief berührt. Ein Ausnahme-Musiker und Komponist.
Es war ein wunderschöner Abend.

Matthias am 25. Juli 2017, 22:51 Uhr
aus Paderborn
Vielen , lieben Dank für das tolle Konzert in Bad Lippspringe
Es hat mich sehr im Herzen berūhrt.
Tolle Kompositionen und ein sehr gut abgemischter Sound.
Das mit dem Ärger über die DVD kann ich gut verstehen.
Mit solchen Leuten hat man jahrelang zusammen getourt. Aber irgendwie werden Sie es auf eine andere Art zurückbekommen.. Das Leben ist so.
Trotzdem werden sich Fans über die DVD freuen.
LG Matthias
E.v.W. am 22. Juli 2017, 11:42 Uhr
Yesterday - I,ve seen your old and lucky eyes. And yes, you made again (not only) my day. Thank You!
Gerhard Rinderle am 09. Juni 2017, 17:54 Uhr
aus 79258 Hartheim-Feldkirch
E-Mail Homepage
Lieber Roger Hodgson und Band,
früher wie heute, damals Supertramp, heute Roger Hodgson mit Band, der Zauber hat nicht nachgelassen.
Ein herausragender und sehr sympathischer Künstler mit einer großartigen Live Band !
Wir freuen uns auf den 21.Juli 2017 im Kurpark Bad Krozingen.
Viele Grüße und alles Gute,
am 07. Juni 2017, 23:36 Uhr
aus Bad Berleburg near Siegen, where you play on Monday
This is my second “Good evening Mr. Hodgson “
It took two days to realize that you read my little story (Kultur pur) about my uncle Albert. Unfortunately he is ill since Sunday.
Until Monday afternoon I quarreled with the second ticket and took it in Facebook. (Shame on me).
But when I heard your asking for us, for Isolde Braun and her uncle Albert, I knew once again: “There are things in the world, we cannot pay with money. “
I went back to my place breaking out in tears because of your reaction. Albert still does not know about your words: I am still searching for someone who shot your words.
But it was not only an amazing show because of that: you spoke about problems to throw out for 2 hours. About awakening and forgiving how older we get. You spoke about Germans with folded arms if they don’t like something. You are right: I made Belly Dance, and the audience did not know how to classify/rate/evaluate that, so the audience folded its arms: this is how the Germans behave EVEN if they like it.  If they don’t like your show, beware of the eggs and tomatoes.
You spoke about your audience: you told us we were great. But the guests can only be such as great as its host. If you are a lousy host you will have a lousy audience.
I thank you once more for reading this, making music as you do and behaving like a human being and not like a celebrated star.
You and your guys have a place in my heart.
Greets Isolde (Braun)
Bernd Jenne am 05. Juni 2017, 23:16 Uhr
aus Olpe
Lieber Roger Hodgson & Band, nach 2014 war ich heute auf Eurem 2. Konzert beim Musikfestival Kultur-Pur in Hilchenbach bei Siegen (Germany)! Als Supertrampfan seit Anfang der 80-er Jahre ist es immer wieder ein Gänsehautkribbeln Euch live zu erleben!!! Vielen vielen Dank dafür und ich freue mich auf weitere Konzerte!!! Bernd Jenne
Isolde Braun am 01. Juni 2017, 23:16 Uhr
aus Bad Berleburg near Siegen, where you play on Monday
Good evening Mr. Hodgson.

I want to tell a little story:

when I was 11 years old in 1980, my uncle, 6 years older than me, nickname Albert, asked me:

"Do you know Deep Purple?"



"Gary Moore?"

"Okay" he said, "hear this!!"

We lived together and I had no chance NOT to hear Deep Purple, Saga and Supertramp and Mr. Moore.

Because of that I was forced but even shaped: I loved all four artists.

In 2000, my uncle Albert, he himself, only 37 years old (great and respected drummer of a local band) got a stroke. Since then he is half sized paralysed and has great difficulties to speak.

He had to give up to work,he had to give up to be a drummer, friends were no more friends. Now he lives in a special institution for disabled young people.

But what he never gave up was his love to music.

We saw Saga, we saw Gary Moore, we saw Deep Purple.

On Monday we will see you: If you read these words and you are interested in this story, I would be so glad if you would give him a little sign. Just a wink or a little smile.
Together we are a red-headed woman and a man with shiny eyes, grey beard in an invalid chair in the area for disabled people.

Thank you so much for reading this and making music as you do.

Greets Isolde (when he was still able to speak, he said: my nice niece)
Martin am 07. Mai 2017, 14:01 Uhr
aus Düsseldorf
Hi Roger,
I Am still waiting of Babaji, Crazy, and maybe Hungry.
Wondeful Songs.
Is there a chance that they will come in programm.
Best wishes
Martina Backhaus am 12. April 2017, 12:52 Uhr
aus Hagen, NRW
Unfortunately is Roger's show in Wuppertal already sold out. Bad luck, I was too late for the tickets. It should have been a birthday-gift for my son Moritz. He will be 23 years old a week later (11.06) and he lives in Wuppertal. Any chances for rest tickets?

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